New Robots, Machins and Couplings

We need more elementary mounting devices to make new robots and machines.
Now we have heavy machines with chain power supply and central control units. Thats ok e.g in car industry but we need basic requirements to make a new way in creating machines.

The main technical know how is to combine mechanical and electrical couplings in standard devices. There are two new konstruction ways not to restrict rotation in any ways within power supply and LWL or air pressure.

Konstructions getting better, but without new couplings mechanical engeneers waste a lot of time in coupling machine parts. A new way with ready devices is the solution.
The companys starting now in this way will be the first class in the future building of machines and robots. All the people talk about new robots and machines, but noone builts the basic parts to forget coupling problems and to solve really new tasks.

Some items like a brainstorm, couplings do mechanical and electrickal tasks in one:

  1. free rotateable LWL coupling
  2. free rotateable air preassure with power supply
  3. Flatscreen absolutly free rotateable
  4. TCP/IP is universal
  5. little Servocircuits within mounting group (controlled by TCP/IP)
  6. much more

technical question when possible in german: eMail me
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